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Having an online presence outside of social media is a must for anyone wanting to grow their business and generate more money, regardless of their industry. 

Majority of your customers will search for and visit your website before deciding to make a purchase, and because of this, the quality of your website is important as it directly impacts your conversion rates. 

Put yourself in your customers shoes. In this scenario you have a strong connection with two differernt businesses that you saw on social media (you align to their values and resonate with their content) and have to decide which one to work with. The first business only has a Facebook page and an email address. There is no consistency in the branding and everything feels a bit basic and done spur of the moment. The second business has social media that points to a great website that showcases what they offer and how it can help you achieve your goal. You can see testimonials from other clients and they have a free workbook you can download to start your journey immediately. Their branding is uniformed and makes you feel instantly inspired. Which do you choose?

It’s a no brainer. The second business makes you feel seen, valued and instils more trust that they are experts in their field and have the resources, organisation, credibility, experience and energy to help you. The first business gives you the impression that are just starting out / much less established and will more than likely provide less quality services which may not be worth the investment. 

Having a professional, strategic, attractive, and interactive website is a great way to stand out from the competition and communicate quality information to your consumers. It also provides additional oppportunities for people to find and connect with you online who may not have social media.

Beautiful, Custom, Strategic Websites Launched In As Little As 14 Days.

Here’s My 3-step Process For Creating Custom Packages

How It Works.


We Have A Chat

We jump on a call and chat more about you and your business so that I can better understand your goals and your struggles. This is also a good opportunity for us to connect to make sure we both feel aligned to ensure the best outcomes.  


We Analyse & Plan

I believe in thinking forwards and working backwards. Based on our chat I will have a good understanding of where you want to be in 5 years time and I will create a proposed quote that creates a pathway to achieving that.


We Deliver & Launch

With my direction, you will create attractive content that showcases who you are, what you offer and how you help. Not only will this magnetise your ideal clients but the inbuilt automation I create, your streamlined lead generation will make lead generation a breeze.

Wondering What You Get?
Features & Benefits.

Functional Websites Built On WordPress.

There are many platforms out there and I have tried them all. Without fail, I still find WordPress to be the best platform for creating custom websites that are beautiful, affordable, functional and easy for my clients to use without always needing to outsource any time they want to make a change. 

When many of my clients first chat with me they have it in their head that they need Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Kartra or another platform that their own “mentor” has.  When I ask why it is clear to me that they have not researched any of these platforms but they simply want to mimic someone else who is more successful than them. The problem with this is that in most cases the person they are trying to copy is earning 5x the amount they are and have 3+ support staff.  The outcome? You are setting yourself up to fail. It is like buying a sports car when you live in the city and only drive 50km/h. I care about the success of my clients which is why I only recommend platforms and software that make your life easier, not harder. 

The most important thing to understand about WordPress is that the platform itself is free. This means that they have no loyalty to any one company or are limited to their own staff resources. This results in the potential integration of unlimited plugins specifically designed to solve a problem. This is the magic that allows us to truly customise your website to have the exact features you need and nothing more. The only costs you pay is for the domain and website “hosting” and to make your life easier, I include the first year for free in my packages and sell future years direct (from $330 per year) so you don’t have to worry about any of it.

- 01. Strategy

Something that sets me apart from other website designers is that I help you to map out your online needs so that we can create a functional website that makes your business run like a dream. Not only will you raise your professional profile and position yourself as an expert with a website done right, but you will be able to automate your sales funnel process to simplify your lead generation and increase your client conversions.

- 02. Custom Design

I believe in creating something special and unique just for you. I provide some template options for you to choose from so you can feel confident that you will like what you receive. I then completely customise your site so that it not only represents you, but appeals to your target market.

- 03. Easy To Use & Edit

I design websites that are interesting for your dream clients to look at whilst being strategic in navigation so that they follow the exact path that helps them achieve their goals. 

My intention is to create websites that are easy for my clients to update themselves. I’m more than happy to as part of my support options, however clients feeling empowered to be in control of their own website for years to come without having to oursource changes. That is why I use WordPress and Elementor; a drag and drop builder that is very intuitive and allows you to save templates making it super easy to duplicate and recreate pages in the future if you need to.

- 04. Mobile Responsive

Let’s face it. Most people use their phones as their primary source of seeking inforamtion. So having a website design that looks good on mobile as well as desktop is not a wish list item, its a necessity. 

- 05. Versatility

I create websites that make sense for businesses of all sizes. In additon to the standard inclusions I can also set up additional plugins that meet any specific needs you have (i.e. Store locator, Event bookings etc.).

The beauty of the websites I create is that you can continue to uplevel and add features as your business grows without having to spend hundreds of dollars every month. 

A Few Things You Should Know.

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Who I Work Best With

Creating real change requires you to be ready. I say this with love. Do not reach out to me yet if you are not prepared to do the work. In order for me to create a website that will help your business transform, it requires some work from you too. Why? We need to make sure that your website is not just pretty, but strategic. This means making sure you have professional branding and are crystal clear on your offerings, your sales funnel / client journey and your messaging. Without this your new website will fail and I don’t want you to waste money.

Don’t stress, if you don’t have these things yet or need extra guidance, I can help as part of my packages. The key is that you are ‘ready’ to commit to the process.  If you feel resistence to the process or feel like you work better by following a course, then I reccommend doing my Ascendancy Program instead of a website only package (details at the end of this page). 

Other Custom Services I Proudly Provide

Logo & Branding Packages

First impressions count.  Having a memorable logo and consistent branding increases your awareness and brand reputation.  Use your branding to deliver a core message and emotionally connect with your target clients.

Offering/Funnel Strategic Guidance

Designed for big visionaries who have a specific goal in mind (i.e., increase engagement, create a sales funnel/offerings) but are feeling overwhelmed on what to do to achieve this.  These strategy sessions will give you guidance and direction on the best way to move forward for your individual needs.

Business Support

Let’s face it, tech, design & admin is not where you shine. If it was you wouldn’t be here on this page. Outsourcing is a great way for you to delegate the parts of your business that you don’t love or don’t know how to do so that you can stay in your genious zone and focus on the bigger picture. From my experience, clients who outsource have less overwhelm and more headspace to dedicate to their clients which allows for faster & more enjoyable business growth. 

Graphic & Digital Production

Creating beautiful imagery to support your words and help others connect to and feel inspired by your content. Depending on your needs I can offer custom packages for many things including graohic design for social media, marketing, eBooks, physical books, photography, videography, video editing and even creating your very own podcast.

Why My Clients Keep Coming Back.

Personal Development Coach

Sue Norrish

“Wow, Just wow. The website content is amazing, great job! You’ve certainly got the magic touch.”

Embodyment and Mindset Coach

“If you want to fall in love with your branding reach to Chelsea seriously the best thing I did to level up and feel established as a coach! She gave the WOW factor. I seriously couldn’t be happier on all levels with even customer support and her patience too! Wow thank u for such exquisite quality xx.”


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