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I’m Chelsea Rose Sargeant, an Australian Entrepreneur and Artist currently located in Brisbane, Australia.

I have over 15 years’ experience working for many companies, businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs across various industries in the government and private sector including Education, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Resource Management, Legal, Aviation, Hospitality, Construction, Events, Stadiums, Sporting, Media and Entertainment.

I have always had a passion for all things creative and helping others and since 2015 I have founded and managed multiple business ventures with the common goal to help people improve their life by creating less stress and finding more happiness personally and professionally.  

Over the years my offerings have changed based on demand and where my passion lies and I currently primarily work with clients to create strategic websites with optional online courses which help to lighten their workloads through automation. My overall objective is to help clients stand out, make more money, and gain a following of both quality and quantity.

Interested in other offerings? Check out my other ventures linked below. 

“I wanted to create a cheaper, faster & smarter option for businesses to engage my “one-stop-shop” services.  To utilise my expertise with business & brand strategy.  To allow me to focus on their administration management or creative requirements.  To simply enable them to focus on what is important – living their dream life!”

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