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Website Next Steps


Sign Contract

Please check your emails to find an email from me called “[action required] Please review/sign your Agreement.” This email contains a link to access our General Service Agreement.

Please review, make sure you understand and agree to the inclusions, then sign electronically. This is a requirement for me to complete the services as it makes sure we are on the same page and covers us both legally.


Pay Invoice

Please check your emails to find an email from me called “[Invoice Due] Please click the link inside to view/pay your Invoice.” This email contains a link to access your Invoice. 

Please review and follow the prompts to make payment. If you are located in Australia and would prefer to pay via bank transfer to avoid the payment processing surcharge just email me here and I will amend the Invoice and resend. 


Provide Access

Once your contract has been signed and your payment has been made you will receive a welcome email from me that encloses a form for you to provide access. It will also explain what we do next, attaches your guides, and provides a booking link for your first Strategy Session (if you purchased a Gold website). 

Website Checklist...


In order to get the best outcomes we need to make sure that your website looks as professional and cohesive as possible. Below is a little checklist so you can see what you have and what you might need to prepare.

What You'll Need

Don’t have all of the above? Don’t worry. Just let me know on our call and we can go through some options. 


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